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So you want a Rottweiler?

General breed information and FAQ

Rottweilers were originally bred to be hard-working, protective dogs, herding cattle and pulling carts. 

These are robust powerful dogs eager to please their owners. They excel at being a loyal family companion.  They are typically good with both kids and other dogs.  Rottweilers are known to be police dogs, services dogs, herding, and watch-dogs.

They are considered to be intelligent, which makes them easily trainable. Rotts are usually very happy dogs and eager to please.

Rottweilers have a tendency to be very aware of their surroundings.   Usually they respond with a touch of wait and see attitude, and barking only when necessary.

Rotties are usually protective of their families, but make loyal and affectionate pets. Rottweilers are large/medium dogs, weighing in around 77-130lb females being on the lighter side.   Typically not high strung but do need regular exercise.

How old will my puppy be when I get it ?

On average you can recieve your puppy starting at 8 weeks.  We prefer you pick up your puppy here at home where we raise them.  You will get to meet the mom and dad if you wish.  On occasion we might be willing to meet you somewhere in the Northwest Arkansas Area.

I really want a Rottweiler but is it the right dog for me ?

It really depends on you, the owner.  Meet Austin our beloved Rottweiler.  Over 20 years ago my wife and I took home our first Rott puppy to a studio apartment in Austin, TX. 
The first year of his life was apartment living.  He and I went everywhere together.  Runs on the green belt, swimming at Lake Travis or playing fetch for hours on end.  He was very well behaved, smart, easily trained and part of the family.  For us he was a PERFECT fit.

There are some requirements for YOU, if you want that special Rottweiler experience only a few can understand.

If you can't fullfill these basic requirements please do not  get a Rottweiler!
Time-  You must invest time into your puppy.  Rottweilers are ok with some alone time, but prefer to be with you and around you. If you don't spend time with your Rotty you are really missing out!  Rottweilers start off as cute, fluffy little Teddy Bears,  they will reach 90+ lbs by 2 years of age. You must spend time training them while young.  Your Rottweiler will seek to please, but must be taught it limits young.  If you aren't sure how to do this, take your new pup to a basic puppy training class.  Typically this is money and time well spent! Don't wait until he/she is 100lbs to try to teach them good manners.

Consistant positive renforcement- As with most dogs Rottweilers respond best to positive reinforcement. 

Exercise- Some say you need a lot of room or big yard to own a Rottweiler.  A big yard can make things easier but its the exercise they need.   You give your Rottweiler enough excercise and attention, the size of the living quarters becomes much less important.  As with any puppy, most require a certain amount of excercise to keep them healthy and happy.  You almost can't over play a puppy.  As they age take them on long walks, runs, or fetch sessions in the park.  It is awsome.

Socialization- Rottweilers are inherently both very powerful and protective.  Proper socialization is a must! All of our Rottweilers have been very socialized with both people, children and other dogs.  We have had nothing but positive experiences in these areas with our dogs. We begin socialization with people at the point of birth until you receive your puppy.  It will be your job to continue this once your puppy is old enough to go visit with other dogs outside of your family.  Doing this will teach him/her how to act around others while little.  

With these basic needs met you very well may have the best pet experience of your life!  

Can I get a refund on my deposit ?

No we do not give refunds on puppy deposits.  Once we receive your deposit your puppy is considered sold and made unavailable for others.  If you come to pick up your puppy and are not pleased with your selection, you may pick another avaiible puppy or put the deposit toward a puppy on the next litter.

Can I change the name of my puppy ?

When you register your puppy you can name it anything you wish during the registration process.

My puppy is registered does that mean I can breed it ?

When you buy a puppy from us it is AKC registerable but does not automatically come with breeding rights.  You may purchase breeding rights for an additional cost.  Typically $300 over the price of the puppy.  We reserve the right to deny breeding rights for any reason at any time.   If you do purchase breeding rights, you should not breed a female for at least 1 1/2 to 2 years,  Males should be at least 1 year of age.  You can't even register your puppies if both parents aren't at least 1 year of age. 

Are your dogs "German" or "American" Rottweilers ?

Simply stated if a Rottweiler was born in "Germany" it is a German Rottweiler.  If a Rottweiler was born in USA it is an "American" Rottweiler.  The  AKC and FCI standards vary slightly in the dimension of dog.  The "minimum" allowable size is slightly smaller for the AKC standard and AKC allows for tail docking.  The FCI does not allow tail docking or dewclaw removal.  Many AKC registered Rottweilers born in "America",  without cropped tails and removed dewclaws, could  meet both AKC and FCI standard.     
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